Adult Drama

Adult Drama classes now in Katoomba in The Blue Mountains

Watching children perform theatre sports, it has always struck me that they have such courage and do not block the most absurd and nonsensical material. Some of their ideas are brilliant because of this. In these weekly or fortnightly sessions the focus is to unleash the child within and get out of our own way and explore the flow of creativity in adult minds. As well as theatre sports which is used as a great warm up and ice breaker, there will be dialogues (scenes for 2) given out and scenes from movies to work on. A time to meet fellow friends who love to act or wish to learn more, and be adventurous and “BE” another character for a while.

I used to be a student every Saturday with a fabulous English actor who taught me these techniques in the Duke of Cambridge theatre in Camden, London. We had the luxury of practising our art every weekend from 1-6pm and it was a very happy and rewarding time as an actress. I pass on the techniques with a joie de vie and a love of performing.

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Adult theatre sports, improvisation, dialogues and film script scenes. Teacher Tracy Hardwick

Theatre sports improves confidence whilst accessing your deeper creativity. It is fun, easy to learn and inspires the artist within!

In this friendly and encouraging class we will practise duologues from plays chosen by the students.

Also scenes from your favourite movie which will be cast by the teacher and then practised with other students.

Suitable for those who enjoy theatre and film and wish to learn more.

Classes will cover a vocal and physical warm up. Students will learn how each scene is broken down and characterisation improved.

Suitable for those who wish to attend as a hobby or those who are eager to improve their craft.

Classes held at these locations:

Waratah St. Katoomba
Waverley Library
32 Denison Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Senior citizens Hall
Orange NSW 2800