Performance Class

When I was studying at Arts Educational schools for my musical theatre degree, every Friday afternoon we finished our week with a performance class. In this class I learnt more than any other. The whole “uni” watched, with the respective heads of drama, dance and singing. The pressure was on and we were asked to sing and perform a specific genre.

Then feedback was given from the judges. It was exhilarating and also very nerve wracking. Yet it is what separates the “men” from the “boys”! To be able to perform and manage nerves and master the song etc. It was excellent practice for West Wnd auditions and for the onset of entering the highly competitive professional world.

Performance class. Teacher Tracy Hardwick

This class is suitable for those wishing to make a commitment to the performing arts. Only for those with experience regular attendance expected.

This performance style class will work towards learning routines to be performed within the local community.

Comfortable dance clothes and chorus or jazz shoes to be worn.

Classes held at these locations:

Waratah St. Katoomba
Senior citizens Hall
Orange NSW 2800