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Designed for beginners and those wishing to gain experience for TV and Film casting.

In this workshop (for adults and children) we will explore how to be as natural as possible infront of the cameras. Suitable pieces of script will be given out at the start of the day and each student will present to the camera. The piece will be recorded and the set up will be just like a a professional film, Tv. or commercial casting. We will then work on these pieces and introduce the skills needed to perform confidently. Towards the end of the day each student will have the opportunity to view both pieces to see the transformation. Feedback will be given from the class and teacher in a constructive way.

A DVD of your day’s work will be edited and returned for you to keep.

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Cost: $139.99
Venue: One day courses held in katoomba, in The blue mountains and orange

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This course aims to give students understanding  and experience in the TV, MODELLING and FILM industries.The course covers:

  1. Difference between a casting consultant and a casting agent.
  2. Casting etiquette for TVCs and film/tv audition.
  3. How to prepare.
  4. TVC acting, featured extra role scenario and a 100% hero role script. Fees and working hours.
  5. On set terminology
  6. Extra work in Film, Television and TVC
  7. Cold reading at auditions
  8. Improvisation at an audition for film and TV projects.
  9. Film vs theatrical approach to acting
  10. Understanding the different schools of acting: Meissner, strasbourge, method, traditional
  11. Physical and vocal warm ups with emphasis on breathing, yoga style warmup
  12. Technical proficiency-awareness of techniques used specifically for screen eg. performance size, framing, continuity.
  13. Emotional and experiential recall
  14. Preparation for the final audition with a leading sydney casting director

Classes held at these locations:

Waratah St. Katoomba
Waverley Library
32 Denison Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Senior citizens Hall
Orange NSW 2800