Matthew Jones

I have known Tracy Hardwick since the year 2007, since then Tracy and I have performed and created multiple musical theatre productions. I first met Tracy when she was the director of the 2007 Scots college annual musical, this year it was “Oliver” where I was casted as the leading role of Oliver. Throughout the Duration of the Musical Tracy had been forcing me to Practice my work and rehearse it over and over, until she suggested that I start having musical theatre lessons with her throughout the week, so that she can help me with my rehearsing.

Once the musical was over which was a great success, she asked if I wanted to continue on with my lessons and I said that would be great. Since then Tracy and I have worked together in the Kincoppel Musical “The Sound of Music (Tracy: Director, Me: Kurt) , 4 musical theatre Exams (in which each time I scored High Honours in) and a Speech and drama Exam (where I also received a Distinction in). Tracy and I have also performed in her annual Showcase of her students where her and I performed multiple Monty Python scenes and Sung many of Songs together.

Tracy since 2007 has brought me a long way in my musical theater and given me many opportunities. She is an amazing teacher who has been great for me and for many and I really enjoy working with her, and even though she can put her foot down and give you piles of work, the outcome is worth it.

By Matthew Jones (student of Tracy)