Stuart Grantham

Having recently completed the Communication and presenting skills course with Tracy, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone needing a bit of a boost with their presentation skills.

My goal was to create a more imposing presence in the corporate meeting room forum.  We workshopped plenty of theoretical and practical ideas from preparation and state of mind right through to audience analysis, always focussing on the goal of delivering the message in character.

Across the duration, Tracy’s background in drama, acting and expression was evident and invaluable in creating both the knowledge and awareness I needed to start unlocking my potential.

Her drive for results became a mantra for me in terms of embedding the lesson material in my own time.  With this impetus I was able to feel satisfied that my goal had been achieved and am now using that as a solid platform for continuous improvement.

Thank you Tracy for your passionate and inspirational way of coaching.  I really feel confident of falling back on the fundamentals of performance and their application in the corporate arena.

By Stuart Grantham (student of Tracy)